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… christian sex | christian sex resources | sex in christian marriage | married christian sex |. Wifey wednesday: my virgin wedding night. Christian sex | christian sex resources | sex in christian marriage | married christian sex |. Two christian sex bloggers talk about the 10 things that surprised them when they started blogging. 5 ways to spice up your marriage: ways to spice up your sex life in. 29 days to great sex day 21: 5 ways to spice things up. 3 things your husband feels about sex that you might now know or believe ::. 29 days to great sex day 10: 16 ways to flirt with your husband. 5 tips to spiritually spice up your marriage. Today i am addressing wives on the topic of sexual surrender. i addressed husbands in my last post, and i’ll be addressing you as a couple in my next one.. . 29 days to great sex day 27: experiencing spiritual intimacy while you make love. The story of me (god’s design for sex, book 1) paperback – february 28, 2007. Sex before marriage: what to do when you can’t shake the guilt. Pin it on pinterest. . . … kinds of sexual union or marriage.. Christian sex rules. Is an open marriage a happier marriage?. . . . Best sex and intimacy books for married couples (christian & newlywed books included). Things that happen to every newly-married couple in the first year of marriage. ‘sex with a 60 year old is awesome and life-changing’: ami. . 10 complaints sex therapists hear all the time. Enlarge cover. The greatest couples worship jesus, not each other. {adam cappa quote}. 50 best christian sex resources for marriage. Medieval stained glass window shows a couple sleeping together. notice all the sex they. Sex books to improve your sex life. . Can religious submission in marriage foster a new divinity? | aeon essays. Focus on the family. Image credit: jaishri sivaraman. How to be a good christian wife in traditional marriage. 7 surprising sex trends throughout history, because people have always been frisky. Image. Did you know most happily married couples have these 5 common sex habits?. Esther perel lets us listen in on couples’ secrets. The bible backs same-sex couples: point by point, why conservatives are wrong. 30 sex “rules” for people in long-term relationships. How to spice up your sex life. . The sex questions you need to ask before you get married. Shutterstock / sakkmesterke. Some users reported extremely healthy sex lives even after over a decade of marriage. Unmade bed. In a recent thread on facebook, dr. jerry walls posted a discussion on the topic of premarital sex and the bible. as expected, it got a lot of attention, …. . Image. Around 80 per cent of women aren’t able to orgasm from penetrative sex alone. My podcast. This year we decided to be everyone’s favorite erotic fiction story …. How st. augustine invented sex. Religion and sexuality. Follow the author. The politics of christian sex advice websites. . . My husband and i had sex every day for a year — here’s how we’re doing now. . What marriage would look like if we actually followed the bible | the independent. The 23 most ridiculous moments in ‘fifty shades freed’ – fifty shades movie problems. Living apart together meet the married couples who choose not to share a home. 1. the church has always been counter-cultural. For a limited time. . . Are sexless marriages more common than we think. Is there such a thing as too many sexual partners? click through for a fascinating. Focus on the family. . What really changes when you get married. Getty. . . Here’s how frequently healthy couples have sex in each stage of their relationship. Judy and chris fieldhouse (pictured) have been together for seven years, married for. Sex and marriage. Virtual sex: the internet is inspiring a new type of literary love affair. Is it ok to fantasize about someone else once you’re married?. Love and death in the house of prayer. 30day sex challenge. Fighting lust with sisters in christ. Image titled be a good christian wife in traditional marriage step 4. . After one of britain’s first gay muslim marriages, let me tell you what it’s actually like to be a gay muslim | the independent.