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Trump's sanctions against Iran are a clear breach of international law

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The MEK's former facility, near Tirana

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Serbia Becomes a Hub for Sex-Change Surgery

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Iran-Saudi proxy war in Yemen explodes into region-wide crisis

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Rudy Giuliani calls for Iran regime change at rally linked to extreme group

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Iran protests latest: Pictures showing Tehran woman removing hijab during  anti-government rally hailed as symbol of defiance | The Independent

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People's Mujahedin of Iran

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Tehran Taboo review – sex, drugs and rock'n'roll in Iran

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10 Jan 2012 01:48Comments
For ordinary iranians, the brief optimism created by the 2015 international nuclear deal has evaporated. Iranian woman ‘sentenced to 20 years in prison’ for removing headscarf in protest. … samira ghavipanjeh, a member of reviving values aid group, tries to convince passers by to get tested for hiv, in tehran, iran. (ap photo/vahid salemi). Iran’s regime charges woman with ‘normalizing same-sex relations’. Daughters of the revolution: the iranian women who risk arrest for protesting against hijab laws and demanding equal rights. Petition urges ayatollah to pardon condemned iranian poetspetition urges ayatollah to pardon condemned iranian poets. Iran threatens to block strait of hormuz over us oil sanctions. Iran gay. Iran foreign minister: ‘nuclear deal hardly a love affair’. . Iran publicly hangs man on homosexuality charges. Iran tv boss sacked over jackie chan sex scene. How donald trump’s tweets help iran’s supreme leader. “everyone treated me like a saint”—in iran, there’s only one way to survive as a transgender person. Us threatens european companies with sanctions after iran deal pullout. . Human rights issues regarding the islamic republic of iran | human rights watch. Iran jailed nazanin zaghari-ratcliffe for diplomatic leverage, says hunt. How thailand became a global gender-change destination. Iranian gold trader vahid mazloumin (left) during his trial in september on corruption charges. Prayer, food, sex and water parks in iran’s holy city of mashhad. Same-sex marriage: global comparisons. The protest was held on international women’s day.. The wind in my hair: one iranian woman’s courageous struggle against being forced to wear the hijab. Living and loving underground in iran. Iran lists demands for staying in nuclear deal. Hong kong movie star jackie chan smiles during a press conference to promote his film “. Human rights lawyer nasrin sotoudeh jailed ‘for 38 years’ in iran. Boris johnson faced calls to resign over his gaffe about ms zaghari-ratcliffe. Eu foreign policy chief calls on firms to defy trump over iran. As a british iranian woman, i know why nazanin zaghari-ratcliffe’s case has not been a priority for our government. At the time, photographer golestan recalls, iranian people were very “politically charged” and believed change could be effected by demonstrating in the …. . Former people’s mujahedin member gholamreza shekari. From digikala to hamijoo: the iranian startup revolution, phase two. . (pdf) non-invasive prenatal diagnostic test for holstein cattle fetal sex using cell-free dna. ‘iran was like hell’: the young refugees starting new lives in serbia. Members of lgbt community take part in a gay pride parade in central istanbul, turkey. Iranian rayhaneh jabbari on a trial in tehran, iran, 15 december 2008. Home news. . Iran is adhering to nuclear deal limits, un says, despite donald trump claim. Eu, china and russia in move to sidestep us sanctions on iran. Iran has signed a historic nuclear deal – now it’s israel’s turn. Photography. John bolton has been appointed as national security adviser to donald trump. Thirty-six years ago, militant students supporting iran's islamic revolution. World cup 2018: dancing, drinking and support for women fans – tournament gives iranians a chance to celebrate | the independent. The day 100,000 iranian women protested the headscarf.. At least 86 dead after floods wreak havoc across middle east and asia. Iran arrests teenage girl over instagram video of her dancing in bedroom | the independent. Iran releases washington post journalist jason rezaian in prisoner swap with us. Diplomat arrested over alleged attack plot on iranian group in france. Iran: discrimination and violence against sexual minorities. Desiree akhavan on appropriate behaviour and not being the ‘iranian bisexual lena dunham’. Regret isn’t rare: the dangerous lie of sex change surgery’s success. “from the next day everybody had to wear the scarf”.. Intelligence chief contradicts trump on north korea and iran. A protester of the killing of homosexual people in iran. washington, dc. july 19, 2006.. Illustrative photo of people waiting in a line at mashhad international airport in iran. (. The syrian airbase at the heart of a potential israel-iran war. . . Why is iran subsidizing sex reassignment surgeries?. Anastasia vashukevich — also known as nastya rybka — appears in a moscow courtroom. Iran’s ‘nelson mandela’ nasrin sotoudeh needs our support – here’s why. Iran arrested 7,000 dissidents in ‘year of shame’, says amnesty. Donald trump calls iran a ‘murderous regime’ in surprisingly hostile un speech | the independent. Us ready to drive iranian oil exports to zero, says us national security adviser. Getting drunk in a muslim country: iran’s secret party scene revealed. (pdf) premarital sexual relationships: contraceptive knowledge and practice among iranian youths. Iran – nasir al-mulk mosque (pink mosque) in shiraz, iran.. Trump’s dirty ops attack on obama legacy shows pure hatred for iran deal. France blames iran for foiled bomb attack near paris. Sexual orientation and gender identity: all employment. Israel retaliates after iran ‘fires 20 rockets’ at army in occupied golan heights. Middle east. . Mashhad in the spotlight: inequality plagues iran’s holy city. Intimate spaces: coming out in iran. Transgender rights: these countries are ahead of the us. Download (2mb) the poster produced by the iran pain society for the global year.. Iran nuclear deal: what happens now donald trump has pulled the us out of accord? | the independent. This chilling new map shows the number of executions carried out by countries around the world. In iran, sakineh mohammadi ashtiani, here with her son sajjad, has been sentenced. A group of released u.s. embassy staffers in tehran hold a press conference on november 19. Abbas kiarostami, palme d’or-winning iranian film-maker, dies aged 76. Iran: proposed penal code retains stoning. .