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How U.S. Soldier Jess Cunningham Exposed a War Crime in Iraq | Vanity Fair

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Coup in Burkina Faso as military takes over country ahead of elections

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Marine 4-Star General James “Mad Dog” Mattis VS. “Old Blood and Guts” WW2  3rd Army 4-Star General George S. Patton

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Ranger: Absurdity, Integration, and Exhaustion at U.S. Army's Toughest  School

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Feeling a little lonely while you do your shift at the duty desk? Pulling  night watch in the motor pool and feeling a bit amorous?

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Warcraft – Girls of War

Soldier and armed personnel carrier at Cairo checkpoint

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I Went Undercover With a Border Militia. Here's What I Saw.
… and a lot of “web surfing” (some due to the hundreds of emails with links to cool shit, some due to our own inability to log the fuck off) …. Worldly game. Army of 01101111: the making of a cyber battalion. Maj. matthew golsteyn is pictured here as a captain during his 2011 silver star medal ceremony at fort bragg, north carolina. (army). Get task & purpose in your inbox. Land nav, iron sights and more discipline: big changes are coming to army basic training. . Jared and his twin brother, who is currently still in army special operations.. Here’s what happened when i joined the israeli military.. Inside the dark, depraved comedy channel targeted at military veterans. . How u.s. soldier jess cunningham exposed a war crime in iraq | vanity fair. . Stfu guy 7 dollar update.jpg. Breaking: 10th mountain division nowhere near any fucking mountains. . How u.s. soldier jess cunningham exposed a war crime in iraq | vanity fair. . Shut the fuck up follow us @military_day_and_night for more military quotes – follow @ranger_spartans. Hope the night turns out well for you turkey! fuck erdogan. United states military academy. War movie quotes. … 2017 special forces raid, isis leader killed, afghanistan, army rangers. Mexicans fear abuses as new law empowers military — but u.s. security aid keeps coming. Change of command. Finnish. Night out memes. . This marine-made war documentary is so raw the corps doesn’t want you to see it – task & purpose. Most badass quote from a most badass marine with 41+ years of service, link with more in comments | mine | pinterest | military quotes, marine quotes and …. On the night on boat ,what kind of fuck you give me?eight kind of fuck:love fuck,hate fuck, sex-only fuck,break-up fuck,make-up fuck,drunk fuck,buddy fuck …. Military stuff at night always looks cool as fuck.. . . . . The 13 funniest military memes of the week | military memes | military humor, military jokes, army humor. . The expendables. Share using facebook …. Untold story of antifa platoon: brigade helped defeat isis – rolling stone. General stanley mcchrystal: the runaway general by michael hastings. 0 replies. Ass, fucking, and ups: nicopsbe like whose day should i fuck up today. Memes, united states marine corps, and 🤖: garret 3 minutes ago people only. A space that forced him out of the army’s most elite unit. that’s enough from my end though. here’s tyler.. Share using facebook …. On my way to a boy scout camp i met lil pump he was high as fuck and thought i was in the military …. Wooderson. Facebook. Memes, 🤖, and sebastian: good night loves! i hope you had a. Late night’s response to trump’s trans military ban: “f**k you” | vanity fair. The best war films ever made. Davies.jpg. For those who fought in marjah, it was more than just a battle – task & purpose. Metal gear survive. Image via getty.. 5 ways to spot an army douchebag. Two decades of war have eroded the morale of america’s troops. Jason hartley explained in his postings that soldiers often had to “dispose of” dead. Waaacwaaaaaaqabaeacakqbads=. Trevor paglen, they watch the moon, 2010. c-print. courtesy the. Night passage: cairo checkpoint. Share using facebook …. A us flag is pictured on a us army soldier’s uniform during the dynamic front 18 exercise in grafenwoehr, near eschenbach, southern germany, on march 7, …. Memes, weed, and fuck: fuck war lets smoke some weed. War movie quotes. Gettyimages-847679880. Quality postredditor shares a totally rea story about his time in us military …. Image may contain: night. After a few well placed headshots, zombies and the injured alike are all dead. no one is willing to take any chances any longer! sergeant smart was right, …. Land nav, iron sights and more discipline: big changes are coming to army basic training. The military. Sgt. jason hartley poses for a selfie days before he took down …. Corporal addison allden from the royal winnipeg rifles tests and adjusts his an-pvs-. Waaacwaaaaaaqabaeacakqbads=. Image. Mr. …. Don’t fuck over me. #fail #bild nazi reporter julian fuck me roepcke new weapons #donetsk is #ak-74m with a night scope build from U.s. army soldiers negotiate the darby queen obstacle course during the ranger course on fort benning, ga., april 26, 2015. soldiers attend the ranger …. Sebastian junger on the thrill and hell of ‘war’. . ‘a total f***up’: russian mercenaries in syria lament u.s. strike that killed dozens. Fuck me. Texture – fuck …. God bless our troops | image tagged in god bless america,support veterans,current. Captain o’malley in afghanistan . Portrait of a ranger as a young lrrp warrior in vietnam. .