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For the first time, the GOP is evenly split when it comes to support for  same-sex marriage.

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Donald Trump's Embrace of Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is an Absurd Twist on a  Failed Policy
Future florida governor ron desantis (centre) attended a pro-israel gala at mar. Mona charen, who spoke about sexual harassment in the republican party at the conservative political action conference (cpac) in february.. Steve king blasts gop committee for promoting republican candidate’s same- sex partner. Chris usher / ap photo. Dan johnson: republican politician accused of sexual assault found dead in apparent suicide, coroner confirms. Scenes from the floor of the 2016 republican national convention on monday, july 18,. The pennsylvania senate’s top republican, president pro tempore joe scarnatii, speaks at a news. Marriage, police, and sex: what are you for? democrat republican pro-. The republican party’s roy moore catastrophe, explained. Senate republicans hire female sex-crimes prosecutor to grill brett kavanaugh and accuser christine blasey ford at hearing — but won’t name her. Colorado republicans want to recall democrats backing comprehensive sex ed. George h. w. bush is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list republican sex scandals. Bob mcdermott, a republican in the hawaii house of representatives, is known for his. The remarks collected in that graphic were indeed all uttered by the persons to whom they have been attributed; below we offer the context in which those …. Donald trump and billy bush in 2015. rob kim/getty images. republicans …. Pat meehan is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list republican sex scandals. Former oklahoma senator, anti-lgbt and pro-“family values” republican pleads guilty to child sex trafficking charge after soliciting sex from teen boy. Marriage, police, and sex: whrt are you for? democrat pro-abortion. 9 replies. Chip somodevilla/getty images. 10 replies. The abortion debate isn’t as partisan as politicians make it seem. America, feminism, and friends: head of pro-. Republicans can’t hold kavanaugh or anyone else accountable — because trump is president. Pro-life republican politician ‘urged woman he was in affair with to have an abortion’. Gop consultant benjamin sparks (photo obtained by las vegas review-journal). In age of trump, evangelicals back dennis hof, a self-styled top us pimp. Former oklahoma state senator admits to child sex trafficking while in office. Cotton wields sex offender report to tank prisons bill. . This man is going to be president. i can’t believe i just typed that… gage skidmore/flickr. “they say we’re white supremacists”: inside the strange world of conservative college women. The republicans seem determined to end the availability of basic sexual and reproductive health services. the senate, by the thinnest of margins, …. Republican mayor’s pro-same-sex marriage ad to air during republican convention. Was pro life, opponent of same-sex marriage. The republican platform shows the party isn’t moving past anti-lgbtq positions. Imgur post – imgur political art, satire, pro choice, republican party, politicians. Republican tennessee congressman scott desjarlais, 53, has largely managed to avoid scrutiny of his. Pro football. View this image ›. Women at republican josh hawleys election night victory party in missouri.. Scott pruitt, holly greaves: end of republican accountability. 3 ways bashar al-assad uses female sex appeal in propaganda. Roy moore is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list republican sex scandals. I apologise for my party’s decision in electing trump. but i’m not ashamed. Political ‘counterculture’: young republicans hold unique space in the trump era. After the kavanaugh allegations, republicans offer a shocking defense: sexual assault isn’t a big deal. Donald trump may support gay rights, but does the republican party?. [photo: colorado state representative perry buck speaks during a hearing.]. Gop-anti-gay-mailer-side-2. Battered california republicans elect latina, a mccarthy ally, to lead party. National pro-life group sends out mailers supporting scott brown, who is a pro-choice republican. So, it’s understandable to not want to bake a cake for a same-sex couple but when someone refuses service to a republican there’s an outcry?. 2016 republican party platform hailed as most pro-life, pro-family ever. Jeff hoover is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list republican sex scandals. . A sexual harassment scandal just took down a leading republican politician in kentucky. Utah pro-life congresswoman slams democrat opponent for claiming he’s ‘pro -life’. . Us congressman and ranking member of the house oversight and reform committee jim jordan, republican. Image: republican presidential nominee donald trump holds up a rainbow flag with “lgbt’s for. 8 best republicans images | social equality, equality, intersectional feminism. Pro memes. Cnn focus group of republican women on christine blasey ford’s allegation against brett kavanaugh. . Rep. jim jordan, r-ohio, questions fbi deputy assistant director peter strzok. 9 republicans who stood up for the lgbt community. “. Politico. Demonstrators protest against u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh in front of sen. susan collins’ office on capitol hill. reuters/joshua roberts. Turns out republican family values and “100% pro-life” david vitter who is currently running for gov. of louisiana got his call-girl mistress pregnant then …. . Why republicans could regret overturning roe v. wade. Roy moore speaks to reporters at a primary election-night rally on september 26th,. Chris ratcliffe/getty images. . Female aides fretted franks wanted to have sex to impregnate them. Republican hypocrisy continues to show no bounds with their ‘family values’. What republicans and democrats have disagreed on, from 1856 to today – washington post. Do republicans want to ban abortion after 20 weeks with no exceptions?. A reveller waves a rainbow flag during the pride parade.. Virginia republican embroiled in blackface scandal. Save the phony weinstein outrage, republicanssave the phony weinstein outrage, republicans. Kim reynolds says same-sex marriage issue settled; doesn’t have to abide by gop platform. . Sex, lies and orlando. Abraham lincoln, 16th president of the united states (1861–1865) and the first republican president. The republican party is dying in hawaii. . . Why are republicans ramming brett kavanaugh on to the supreme court?.