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Compaq lte lite 4/33c series notebook vintage laptop #compaq. Zenith supersport …. Vintage compaq presario 1610 laptop notebook computer mmx pentium sold as-is | #1835290809. Compaq 486 presario all-in-one. first computer with internet access (dial-up of course – winsock is your friend). The compaq lte286 laptop has to be one of my favorite retro laptops that i own, it might be due to the fact that it was my very first laptop that i …. Compaq laptop 90s – google search old computers, intelligent design, timeline, laptop,. Old tech – compaq armada e500 laptop overview. 2 vintage retro laptops – compaq lte 5280 and compaq lte elite 4/75cx w/ adapter #compaq. Compaq lte 5300 vintage windows 98 laptop. Photo photo …. It does power on and has windows xp on it but the serial number on the bottom and the sticker on the wrist-wrest is for windows 2000 professional so at some …. Compaq contura 420c. Vintage compaq presario laptop computer 1610 windows 95 150mhz/16mb ram sale | #1823596841. 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